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Announcing an Extraordinary Website Experience for Colorado

The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade is honored to announce the launch of, a new and engaging web experience showcasing the stories, businesses and assets that make Colorado an extraordinary place to do business.The overhauled website continues to serve as a resource hub for doing business in the state while focusing on storytelling through the use of visuals and strong narratives. Here are just a few of the website's features we're proud of that we think you should know about:

  • A Focus on Choosing Colorado: There's something special about the people who choose Colorado. Maybe it's something to do with our air; but people who live and work here have a zest for life and the drive to think boldly. The website provides a platform for company executives to discuss why they choose to do business in Colorado. Be Inspired.
  • The Imagery is Breathtaking and Moving. Featured videos for the home page and industries really showcase what it's like to do business in Colorado. Be Moved.
  • Numbers come to life. The website overlays comparative data on Colorado backdrops, resulting in an experience that truly captures what it's like to be in Colorado. Find inspiration here.
  • We Love our Partners and Regions: As a state organization, making sure local partners and regions know we fully support them and their marketing efforts is a critical part of our jobs. The new website visually highlights all of Colorado's 14 regions with an interactive map found throughout the website. Explore Colorado. 

We invite you to visit the new website and experience for yourself the extraordinary that this state has to offer. Want to share your own story about why you choose Colorado for business? Submit your own story to be featured on the website here.

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