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New Toffee Varieties for Wholesale Product Line

Enstrom Candies now has an expanded wholesale toffee line available, featuring three
new varieties and eye catching, retail-friendly packaging. Enstrom’s popularity stems
from their World Famous Almond Toffee, originally created by Granddad Chet and
passed down through four generations of this confectioner family. With over 50 years of
candy making experience, managing five retail stores throughout Colorado and operating
a successful mail order and online business, Enstrom is ready to debut their new product
line featuring on-the-go, wholesale products. These products can be distributed to
retailers for toffee lovers around the world.
This new line includes the popular Almond Toffee as well as three new toffee choices
from Enstrom, including: Peanut Toffee, Butter Toffee and Espresso Toffee, available in
the well-known Petites, individually wrapped .75 oz. Singles and 1.25 oz. Bars in
premium milk or dark chocolate.
“Enstrom’s wholesale presence has been steadily increasing since 2011,” states Doug
Simons, President, “but this is the first time we have designed products and packaging
specifically for this market. We are excited to see Enstrom Candies growing into a
national candy aisle company.”
Check out the new varieties at your local Enstrom retail store, located in Arvada at 6770
W. 52nd Ave. and in Cherry Creek at 201 University Blvd. #118.

Enstrom Candies:
Enstrom Candies, known worldwide for their exquisite almond toffee, has been operating
in Grand Junction, CO for over 50 years. In addition to their World Famous Almond
Toffee, this fourth-generation, family operated business proudly creates a variety of
delicious confections including assorted chocolates, truffles, premium ice cream and their
incredible gourmet toffee popcorn. To learn more about Enstrom Candies visit

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