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Industry Definitions

Primary Employers

Primary employers are businesses that produce more goods or services than the local economy can use or consume. (For example, a manufacturing company is a primary employer.) Therefore, these businesses export the surplus of goods and services. This means the money received for the goods and services comes back to the local economy, which in turn helps create new jobs and improves the economic base for the community.

Primary Jobs

Primary jobs produce goods or services for customers that are based mostly outside of the local community. Once employer receives payment for products or services provided to these “outside” customers, the employer redistributes that income to the community through paying local tax, paying employers and paying vendor fees.

Secondary Employers

Secondary employers produce goods for the local community, including local residents and primary employers. (Examples of secondary employers include restaurants, grocery stores, local construction companies, art galleries, etc.)

Economic Development

The Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) is the Arvada community’s business-to-government liaison and a strategic resource for business information and support. AEDA facilitates economic growth and business development in Arvada to enhance the community by empowering businesses to succeed, increasing city revenue and creating new jobs.