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Financial Assistance Programs

The Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA) facilitates business growth by offering a variety of financial assistance and tax credits for businesses in targeted industries. These programs allow businesses to start, expand, renovate, or relocate in Arvada. AEDA can also steer businesses to County, State, and other organizations that offer assistance. Review the listed AEDA programs, if you need additional assistance or would like to learn about county or state incentives, contact AEDA staff directly at 720.898.7010 or

Enterprise Zone

The State enterprise zone program provides incentives to businesses located in designated enterprise zones. Learn more about state income tax credits and locations in the enterprise zone by visiting

AEDA Small Business Grant

AEDA created the Arvada Small Business Grant program to support businesses that are making a capital improvement to property and inturn improving the Arvada community. The 50/50 matching grant program leverages AEDA funds and private sector investment to enhance commercial properties in Arvada. The ultimate goal of the Arvada Small Business Grant program is to help business and property owners improve commercial buildings, grounds, and signage in the City of Arvada.

The AEDA Small Business Grant Program is currently taking applications. Application deadline is Tuesday, May 31 at 5pm. If you have additional questions or would like more information about the program contact Allison Trembly at or 720.898.7013. 

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AEDA Loan Program

This program is designed for existing small businesses to offer financing for locating to or expanding in Arvada. Loans may be used for, but not limited to, tenant finish and space requirements, expansion, equipment purchase, operations (excluding items listed below) and/or to purchase a business. This program is designed to provide financing to businesses not able to obtain complete financing through conventional funding and therefore needing access to “gap” financing. For this purpose, “gap” financing relates to the gap between the total amount needed for the project and what the borrower is able to assemble through traditional sources.

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AEDA MicroLoan Fund

presented by AEDA and the Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF)

In 2011, AEDA used funds from the Arvada City Council to partner with Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) contributing $200,000 toward a microloan program for businesses challenged by gaining access to capital. CEF matched the $200,000, resulting in a total of $400,000 available to Arvada businesses for micro loans ranging from $2,000 to $50,000.

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AEDA Job Creation Pilot Program

The AEDA Job Creation Program is designed to assist businesses that bring additional employment opportunities to the City of Arvada through a new business, relocation or expansion. The program provides a $500 grant for qualifying net new job(s) after one full year of employment. Qualifying jobs must pay a salary above $ 45,000 for each net new job created in the City of Arvada. Businesses must be located within City limits and be in good standing with the City of Arvada. To learn more about the program, contact Daniel Ryley at 720.898.7018 or

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Jefferson County Business Incentives

To learn more about business assistance and incentives in Jefferson County, check out Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation.

Adams County Business Incentives

To learn more about business incentives in Adams County, check out Adams County Economic Development.